Custom made jewelry and wood crafts

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Jewelry is wearable art.  That is why I make it. I began the journey into jewelry design 8 years ago when fixing necklaces and bracelets that my mother had designed, made and given to me.  The process of bringing together stones, colors, wires and shapes into a unique, beautiful wearable form is an exhilarating expression of art.

I have many sources of inspiration: my faith, nature, historical art and collaboration. For example, my partner (Tracy) and I work together to design and create a wooden cross pendant for inclusion into a necklace or rosary.  Additionally, Tracy’s ability to make wooden drawplates encouraged my incorporation of Viking knitting into my jewelry designs.  My personal history (I was born and lived in The Netherlands) as well as Tracy’s family background from Norway also serve as inspiration for the analysis and incorporation of historical styles from that portion of the world.

Just like painting that began my artistic journey, jewelry design gives me an outlet for my creative desires.  What distinguishes jewelry making from painting is the ability to provide an affordable piece of art for everyone.  A complete painting requires much more time to create, therefore rendering the value more than a lot of us would like to or can afford to spend.  A piece of jewelry, on the other hand, is quite affordable, portable and wearable.  Providing wearable pieces of art that can be enjoyed and appreciated by many people, every day is my purpose for Katerina’s Custom Jewelry and Wood Crafts.

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